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d3Hec22YNeUPfKe8bYFlIHXWcA18UzMp_lgA great article came out recently on fitpregnancy.com called “You know your pregnant after infertility if.…”. It’s a cute little piece of light hilarity that really rings true to me. Here are the highlights.

… the thought of conceiving via sex sounds as quaint as making your own soap or lighting the house with a kerosene lamp.

… you’ve been taking prenatal vitamins since 2011.

… “you feel guilty posting any photos of your bump on social media because you don’t want to make other women struggling to become pregnant jealous.” (I would have said sad/hurt rather than jealous but whatevs.)

… your baby announcement is a jumble of acronyms: “After 2 years unexplained IF, 3 failed IUIs (all BFN), 2 IVFs with ICSI, we finally have our BFP!”

… nothing baby-related is bought until you’ve passed the 24-week mark.

… the notion of twins doesn’t even freak you out because at least that way you’ll get more for your money


And I would add –

…you always feel like a mommy “imposter”.

…you continue to pee on sticks well after the pregnancy is confined just to revel in the double lines.

…you’re hyperaware of how non-pregnant women look at you because you worry they might be having trouble conceiving and you know even seeing you makes them sad.

…you know the sex of the baby before the Dr. tells you because you have so much experience reading ultrasounds.

What would you add?