We have had a hard time agreeing on names. My husbands favorites are Fred and George (no, he’s hasn’t read Harry Potter) and I like Ezra and Micah. I hate his choices and he hates mine. Family names are out (his are Fred and George) and he doesn’t like mine (James and Caleb). We’ve found a handful of names that we’re both ok with but we don’t really want to name them until we’ve seen them. Of course, we know which ones we prefer and secretly call them those names. So, in our heads we’ve been calling them Zach and Rowan. Other possibilities are Max and Sam (or any combo of the 4). So today I was FB chatting with a friend who knows about my infertility issues and she out of the blue said “You’re naming one of the babies Samuel, right?” I told her I didn’t know for sure but why did she ask? She reminded me of the Biblical story of Hannah and Samuel. Now, I’m not religious at all, but my family is all southern Baptist and I grew up going to church twice a week so I’m very familiar with scripture. So, for those of you who are rusty on your old testament, here is an excerpt from About.com…

Hannah is one of the most poignant characters in the Old Testament. Like several other women in the Bible, she was barren. People in ancient Israel believed that a large family was a blessing from God. Infertility, therefore, was a source of humiliation and shame. To make matters worse, her husband’s other wife not only bore children but taunted Hannah mercilessly.

Once, at the house of the Lord in Shiloh, Hannah was praying so intently that her lips moved silently with the words she spoke to God in her heart. Eli the priest saw her and accused her of being drunk. She answered that she was praying, pouring out her soul to the Lord. Touched by her pain,

Eli answered, “Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant you what you have asked of him.” (1 Samuel1:17, NIV)

After Hannah and her husband Elkanah returned from Shiloh to their home at Ramah, they slept together. Scripture says, “…and the Lord remembered her.” (1 Samuel 1:19, NIV). She became pregnant, had a son, and named him Samuel, which means “God hears.”

To me, this story is very poignant. I prefer the name Rowan, but I don’t see how I could not name one of the boys Sam now. What do you guys think?

*They’re middle names are Kyllo (DH’s mothers maiden name) and Dean (the name my father goes by).