My donor took her final tests last week and we should find out the results next week. Her psychological exams are the in the middle of Oct. I start birth control pills (oh, the sad irony, every time) with my next period, in 2 weeks.

I decided to post this singularly uninteresting update to highlight the fact that much of infertility (and treatment) is waiting. And waiting is HARD. Oh so very hard. Waiting for the next appointment. Waiting for your period. Waiting for the blood results. Waiting to stim. Waiting to trigger. Waiting for your follies to grow. Waiting to POAS. Everything – EVERYTHING – seems to happen in 2 week increments. 2 weeks + 2 weeks + 2 weeks, eventually = years of your life. Waiting. It’s not a wonder we drive ourselves nuts.

**Pregnancy mentioned**

In other news…One of the ladies I follow ( is in the early stages of a DE pregnancy after recurrent pregnancy losses. The heart rate of her little bambino came back a touch low and she is worrying herself sick (as we all would). I’m not religious at all but I do believe that positive energy and positive thoughts can’t possibly hurt, so if you get a minute, send a little love/prayer/happiness/peace/goodness in her direction. She’s waiting (of course) for her next ultrasound to make sure everything is ok. And it’s driving her nuts!