We found someone. A donor. She’s from The World Egg Bank. They allow open donations if both parties are willing (and if you pay additional fees of course). We contacted our clinic, contacted TWEB, got the contracts. TWEB called the donor and she’s willing and able to start testing immediately. Sold our second car to get the deposits.  Today we signed the contract, wrote the check to TWEB for 50% of the fees and drove it to their doorstep. Now our clinic will get in touch with the donor and start the testing. Annnnnnndddddddd, here’s where it can all go wrong.

See, the donors aren’t prescreened which is pretty typical, I think, when you use an agency. There’s just too many people to screen, not all of them will be chosen etc. So our clinic is going to do all of the testing (which they insist on whether it’s been done in the past or not) – physical, genetic, psychological…. and our donor nurse has told us in the past that only about 1 in 8 people pass. Some fail the STD testing, many flake out, most fail the ovarian reserve assessment. She said no one really fails the psych testing because if they’ve managed to stick it out through all of the other stuff they’re pretty committed and solid mentally and emotionally. They kind of screen themselves. So now all I can think is “Oh my god. I’ve finally found someone who fits our (apparently very narrow) criteria and there’s only a 12% chance she’ll pass the testing to become a donor?” S keeps telling me to stay positive – the nurse at TWEB said she remembers her and she is isn’t flaky, that she’s very straightforward and funny and nice. She’s only 20 so the odds of her meeting the ovarian reserve testing criteria are excellent. But still, so many things could go wrong. And like I’ve said before, if infertility has taught me anything it’s that I’m not the special one, the one who beats the odds, the one who breezes through. So, for the next few weeks I’ll be holding my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop….