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So, a while ago I promised I’d put up “fertility cocktail for poor responders” from CCRM. But first let me say that you should get checked out by a doctor before you take any of these, in particular I think folks with thyroid issues should be careful. So, that’s my disclaimer. I’m a doctor, but not that kind of doctor! I was also prescribed DHEA – 25mg x 3 day. Also, at the bottom I talk a bit more about the financial side of CCRM and our ODWU. Finally, I’ve linked to the particular supplements that I used – hopefully this will give you a starting place when you’re looking to get supplements. But please, investigate the quality of any and all herbal meds or supplements that you take. They are not all created equal! The quality of different brands can change through time, so what was great for me may no longer be the best option. However, these were the ones I found that were the best quality for the price.

Poor Responder Supplement for Women **Ideal supplementation 3 months prior to retrieval

Male Fertility Supplements

  • Co Enzyme q10 200mg (3 times a day)
  • Omega-3 fatty acid 1000mg (once daily)
  • Vitamin C 500mg (once daily in the AM)
  • Vitamin E 400IU (once daily)
  • L-arginine 1000mg (twice a day)
  • Pycnogenol 100mg (once daily)
  • Folic acid 400mcg (once daily)
  • Centrum with minerals (once a day)

We also got back our insurance reimbursements from our ODWU at CCRM. We have CIGNA, and they are AMAZING. With our hometown RE everything is covered except a few of the blood tests and the office visit copay ($30) so each of our cycles has ended up costing us <$1000 out of pocket, which is incredible. CCRM is out-of-network for most insurance companies – the lady said it had something to do with their proximity to a hospital? I didn’t understand, but whatever, for almost everyone it’s expensive and it’s out-of-pocket. We paid ~$5000 for our ODWU, and after submitting all of the reimbursement forms we have gotten $1000 back. So that’s $4000 for one day of tests even with our amazing insurance. Not trying to disuade anyone, but be aware.

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