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We talk to Dr. Brown from CCRM (Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine) today. I LOVE HER. She was personable, down-to-earth, easy to talk to, easy to understand AND she never once suggested donor eggs or said the words “advanced maternal age”. Yessssss

The conversation started by her asking us to go through our past reproductive history. She clearly had our records in front of her but I think she wanted to get a feel for how much we knew or understood about the process. Then it was the standard questions about allergies and surgeries and all that. I asked a few questions (For example, “Do you have a minimum requirement on the number of follicles need to go forward with retrieval?”;  “No. Obviously if it’s very low, like 1 or 2, we’ll have a conversation about the risks and your chances but ultimately the decision is yours and your husbands”.  ) and then she went through our one day work-up (ODWU). They want to redo all our tests in their lab (standard operating procedure when you change clinics) and then do the litany of tests CCRM is so famous for – doppler in the uterus and biopsies of the endometrium and DNA analysis of the sperm and whatnot. Yes, CCRM test us! Figure this out! Help me make babies! Test all the things!  DO ALL THE THINGS!doallthethings

She said our case is by no means hopeless, but she’ll know more after they get all the lab results back (obviously). She said they have very finely tuned protocols for poor responders (in particular she thought EPP might work for me) and since my resting follicle count is pretty good (8-11) we have the possibility of getting more eggs. And hopefully, one of those eggs will be the good egg we’re looking for.

She didn’t have any comment on the supplements (I don’t think she could actually advise yet as we weren’t officially patients at that time) but said she would help me tweak those after we got the lab results back.

I feel good. Better. I know it’s still a long shot but it’s nice to have someone believe in us and be willing to help us. Cross your fingers – here we go!!

UPDATE – As it is CD1 for me today (Dec. 14) I called CCRM to schedule our ODWU. Appointment is Monday!!