You know something I’m thankful for? Being able to even try to have a baby. I’m grateful to modern medicine, to all of the doctors who spent their lives trying to learn more about infertility and how to treat it, to all the techs who spend their time huddled over a microscope, to all of the nurses who walk us through the process and to all of the other folks who sincerely do their very best to make this dream happen for people.

I complain a lot about the process (because it sucks) but I’m very grateful to even get to try. I’m thankful we have insurance and funds to cover the costs. I’m grateful that I have a supportive partner in my husband and that my family and friends (despite some snafu’s) have got my back. I’m grateful to my body because, despite its many flaws and sputtering ovaries, it is healthy and able to deal with this difficult process. I’m thankful for the many communities of people who provide me with some much advice and inspiration as we travel this hard road together.

I’m thankful to live in a time when all of this is possible. Anne Boleyn was beheaded for not giving Henry VIII a male heir (among other things) and I’m grateful that beheading people for infertility is no longer an issue. So, while I spend much of my time bemoaning the state of my uterus I’m very thankful. For all of the aforementioned things and for so so so much more.

Have a safe and happy thanksgiving.