Old symptoms:  Moodiness – check.  Irritability – check.  Sore breasts – increasing.  Cramps – mostly gone.  Bloating – mostly gone.  Thirst – mostly gone.  8lbs gained during this cycle – sadly, still with me.

New symptoms:  Discharge. Headache.  Shooting stabbing pain in my right ovary.

First, it’s really weird that I know exactly where my ovaries are, and my uterus for that matter. That being said, I’m pretty sure this stabbing pain is a new cyst since it feels exactly like last time when I had the monster cyst on my left ovary. Second, I’m annoyed that a headache is suddenly a pregnancy symptom when every other day of my life it’s the easily foreseeable result of staring at the computer for too long and/or having a really trying day.  Finally, I feel like the increased breast tenderness is most likely a result of me poking them all the time to see if they’re sore.  *sigh*

That leaves me with discharge.  Joy.  You know it’s a bad day when you hang your hopes on discharge.

I’m trying to convince S to go out to dinner so I can get away from the HPT which is burning a hole in the bathroom cabinet – after all I tested yesterday and it was negative. I’ll test in the morning with FMU, or if I’m feeling very in control of myself I’ll wait until tomorrow night. If it’s still BFN at that point the odds are I’m out. Of course, the odds are that I’m out anyway.  I hate math.