Oh lordy, the 2WW. The longest 2 weeks ever.

That’s why I’m updating this blog now – to give myself something to do besides search the internet for pregnancy symptoms like a baby crackhead. I can’t concentrate on work. I’m tired and super irritable from the hormones (and the waiting) so I don’t want to be around people. I can’t drink, so my usual watering holes are out. I feel too crappy to exercise…. laying on the couch and worrying it is!!

I’m currently 8dp2dt (8 days past 2 day transfer), or 10 dpo (days past ovulation). Some people haven gotten positive pregnancy tests on this day.  I know because I have searched every corner of the internet to find them. Most people get a BFP more around 9-11dp2dt. My beta test isn’t until Oct.11, 4 days from now.

In case you’re not aware there are 2 major phenomena associated with the 2WW (besides Google crack). One is developing a POAS addiction, and the other is called symptom spotting. EVERY. LITTLE. THING. becomes either a positive sign of pregnancy, or a positive sign that your cycle failed. Rash on your chest?  Google it – pregnancy symptom. Upset stomach?  Google it – pregnancy.  Sore boobs? – pregnant.  Not sore enough? Not pregnant.  Sore in the morning but not at night? Not pregnant. Grossed out by hamburger – pregnant. Ate it anyway – not pregnant.  It’s maddening.

And to make it worse we (those going through IVF and stuck in the purgatory of the 2WW) ARE pregnant – hormonally speaking.  Starting the day of the egg retrieval we’re pumped full of hormones and other drugs. Prometrium suppositories, estrogen patches, antibiotics, then estrogen suppositories, progesterone suppositories and progesterone lozenges 3x a day. It’s hormone madness. I cried yesterday because I couldn’t get the TV to change channels. My poor husband is in constant retreat to whatever part of the house I’m not in. I’m smart enough to stay away from my friends but I’m annoyed with them from afar. I’m tired, weepy, bloated, hungry, my boobs hurt, the medicine tastes bad, I’ve gained 8 lbs this cycle and I’m so sick of all of this that I could scream! Is it worth it? I don’t know. But how do I not try?