Sorry I’ve been MIA for months and months.

My last cycle (the IUI) was unsuccessful, and then I left for my honeymoon which was a welcome break from high tech baby making and return to the regular old kind. But, to get caught up…

Upon return to the RE’s office we learned that I had a huge cyst on my left ovary so we waited for a cycle for it to go away.  Started on BCP and went in periodically to check on the progress of the cyst – ended up coasting on BCP for 3 weeks before it had shrunk enough to move forward.  Mind you, it was still 25+ mm we decided to go ahead and start the Lupron microdose flare protocol, but we thought it would shrink. It didn’t.  Anyway, the Lupron was terrible. It felt like a scorpion sting. And I had to do it to MYSELF, 2x every day, in the gut (in addition to the other shots). It also left big angry black and purple bruises with welts underneath – I was a total mess.

The bruise from my first microdose Lupron shot

In the middle of all this I went in to the RE’s for a follicle scan. While waiting for them to gel up the dildocam I asked if everyone had lots of problems with the Lupron, and they said “No.  No one every really says much about that one” at which point I revealed my bruised and battered abdomen. The doctor and the nurse exchanged a “look” and we got on with the dildocam. 2 follies. Only 2. After all that.  They weren’t sure if the cyst was causing problems or if I was over suppressed from the BCP but either way – 2. I was elated! Did this mean I could stop the scorpion shots?  Yes? Either they made it wrong (incorrect pH of the substrate) or I’m allergic (rare but it happens)?  Excellent! So what now Dr?

Says the doctor “Well, we’ve tried the antagonists protocal, and the Lupron microdose flare, why don’t we try the third?  The natural 3 day start”? So we did. I waited for AF, started shots on the 3rd day. This time things were better – 6 follies, all more or less the same size, growing together, no monster lead follie. We were thrilled! Plus, I only had to stim for 8 days! Which was a breeze compared to last time, and a walk in the park compared to the scorpion shots. Unfortunately, the one sad follie on my right ovary got let behind so as we got closer to the egg retrieval we were looking at 5, then 4 follies, which looked big enough to produce mature eggs. Here we go!