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Had the IUI this morning.  Didn’t hurt a bit!  It’s rather like going to the gyno, only they warmed up the duck lips first.  The nurse inserted a catheter into my cervix and threaded it into my uterus where she released the proverbial hounds.  A tiny bit of weird twingy-ness as she filled my uterus and fallopian tubes but that may just have been the weirdness of actually being able to feel my uterus for the first time.  Then they left S and I in the darkened room with soft music playing and a pillow under my hips.  After our 20 minutes, we bounced.  No biggie!!

Now begins the 2WW (two week wait).  I take a pregnancy test on June 23, which coincidentally was the day I married my first husband.  It’s also 2 days before we leave on our honeymoon.  I feel like that is going to put Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame) in a quandary.  Which is worse?  Being pregnant on your tropical island honeymoon, or not getting pregnant at all?  I know what I think…